OutThink is a revolutionary Human Risk Management Platform (SaaS) empowering CISOs by targeting the source of 90% of all data breaches: human behaviour.

OutThink starts by turning security awareness on its head: targeted training that not only educates, but allows you to learn from your people.

Then we go further. Combining human intelligence with data from existing security systems reveals unique patterns of risk across your organisation.

Visualise risk, target interventions and prevent data breaches like never before. This is predictive human risk intelligence.

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Empowering Human-Centric Cybersecurity, as recognized by Gartner(R)

We are proud to announce that OutThink has achieved recognition as a Representative Provider in Gartner’s esteemed Innovation Insight on Security Behavior and Culture Program Capabilities Report. This acknowledgment highlights our commitment to advancing human-centric cybersecurity.

The report explores the evolving landscape of security awareness and behavior change in the context of cybersecurity. It delves into emerging capabilities that leverage behavioral science principles, data analytics, and automation to drive measurable cultural change and reduce risks associated with human behaviors.

Published 16 November 2022 – By Analyst(s): William Candrick, Richard Addiscott, Andrew Walls, and Alex Michaels.

Prof. Angela Sasse
Chief Scientific Advisor at OutThink

“It’s time to see your people as the solution not the problem”