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OutThink, the world’s first Cybersecurity Human Risk Management platform.

Transforming Cybersecurity through Human Risk Intelligence

Explore a cybersecurity evolution anchored in human risk intelligence. Our robust suite of products, spanning Security Awareness Training, Phishing Simulation, and Human Risk Management, harnesses state-of-the-art technology and behavioral insights to fortify organizations against cyber threats.

At OutThink, we empower you to nurture resilience from within, instill a proactive cybersecurity ethos, and foster a culture of unwavering awareness across your entire workforce. Join us in reshaping your cybersecurity landscape and staying ahead of evolving threats.

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The Facts

Cybersecurity unveiled:
Facts that demand attention

With OutThink’s human-centric approach to Cybersecurity. 

50 %

Employees falling short in recognising common cybersecurity threats.

80 %

Of breaches caused by Human Risk factors.

65 %

of CISOs identify with escalated cyber risk due to geopolitics, AI, and remote work.

50 %

In 63% of incidents organisations received breach notifications from external entities.

0 %

Of users click on harmful content in phishing emails with more than half entering sensitive information.

10 %

Phishing is leveraged by advertisers in more than 40% of identified intrusions.


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Recognised by Gartner® for its unique and innovative approach, OutThink is the highest-rated security awareness solution in the Gartner® Peer Insights™ report for the last 3 consecutive years.*

“OutThink is probably the best cybersecurity training and awareness platform out there.”

Danske Bank 2
Mihaela Hozmache Security Training and Awareness Lead

“It’s not just better, it’s different. Having used a large number of providers in this space over the last few years, OutThink stands head and shoulders above the rest on just about every criteria.”

GartnerPeerInsightsLogo onlight
Beyond security awareness training Head of IT & Cyber Risk in the Finance Industry

“Hands down, OutThink is the best product in the market. The platform provides more than just security awareness. It gives me the intelligence I need to engage with the business and build sustainable security.”

Ali Othman Head of Business Information Security Management

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*The score is based on customer reviews, independently verified by Gartner®

Gartner® Peer Insights™ is a respected enterprise IT product and service review platform which uses verified customer feedback to identify the strongest vendors in the market. The overall rating is compiled from direct customer experiences of implementing and operating a solution and provides a trusted assessment of how satisfied existing customers are with a vendor’s product. To ensure inclusion in the surveys customer reviews must be representative of a broad mix of enterprise clients from different industries, company size and deployment regions.

From Gartner | Innovation Insight on Security Behaviour and Culture Program Capabilities, Gartner, Nov. 16, 2022– Report ID G00776704.