What’s New With OutThink: Deliver Classroom Training, Recommended Actions Analysis and Collaboration Network

What's New With OutThink: Deliver Classroom Cybersecurity Training, Recommended Actions Analysis and Collaboration Network

OutThink – a data-driven security awareness solution that leverages AI, ML, human risk quantification algorithms and automation, uniquely tailors phishing simulations and training to each employee, and gives the security team valuable insights into their security posture.

Our team has been busy building and enhancing the products you know and love — making it even easier to use for CISOs and security teams. Here are the latest updates from our product team. 

1. Deliver Classroom Training

Empower frontline workers in industries like manufacturing, retail, and similar sectors with comprehensive cybersecurity training, even without access to company email or dedicated terminals. OutThink’s “Deliver Classroom Training” feature ensures every employee, regardless of their work environment, can enhance their cybersecurity awareness and contribute to a more secure workplace.

Advantage – Conduct tailored cybersecurity awareness training campaigns for frontline workers, addressing their unique needs and challenges.


  • Enhance cybersecurity readiness for frontline workers.
  • Reduce human risk factors and the potential for cybersecurity incidents.
  • Achieve potential cost savings by avoiding cyber incident-related expenses.
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and auditing requirements.
  • Foster increased employee engagement in cybersecurity best practices.
  • Deliver customized training tailored to the unique needs of frontline workers.
  • Enable continuous learning and stay updated on the latest security practices.
  • Centralize training management for easy monitoring.
  • Benefit from industry-recognized innovation in security awareness and risk management.

2. Recommended Actions Analysis

OutThink introduces the Recommended Actions Analysis, revolutionizing employee performance evaluation. This feature, powered by automated AI analysis, offers administrators actionable recommendations, surpassing standard assessments. It uncovers subtle behavior and risk correlations, streamlining processes and providing clients with a significant reduction in labor-intensive tasks.

– The OutThink Recommended Actions Analysis feature delivers automated performance insights for all employees, simplifying workforce evaluation. Furthermore, it suggests corrective actions, offering administrators the guidance needed to enhance employee performance effectively.


  • Elevate Employee Performance Analysis: OutThink’s Recommended Actions Analysis transforms the way organizations evaluate employee performance by leveraging automated AI analysis.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Move beyond traditional assessment methods and gain access to a wide range of actionable recommendations for administrators.
  • Efficient Time Management: Save countless hours of manual work, allowing administrators to focus on strategic tasks.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Equip organizations with valuable insights to make more informed decisions and optimize their workforce.
  • Foster Continuous Improvement: Create a culture of continuous improvement within the organization, promoting growth and excellence.

3. Collaboration Network

OutThink’s Collaboration Network leverages the Microsoft Graph to provide administrators with invaluable insights from employee collaboration data. This feature enables CISOs and security teams to create a precise visualization of information flow within the organization, effectively pinpointing high-risk clusters. It plays a crucial role in preventing hacker tactics like lateral movement, where cybercriminals initially target high-risk employees to gain access and then compromise lower-risk users or higher management. The Collaboration Network serves as a proactive tool, diligently identifying and addressing potential entry points for cyber threats.

– CISOs and security teams gain the ability to visually represent employee collaboration data, facilitating a deeper understanding of information flow dynamics. This empowers organizations to identify and address high-risk clusters swiftly.


  • Proactive Cybersecurity: The Collaboration Network is an essential component of proactive cybersecurity measures, foreseeing, and counteracting hacker strategies like lateral movement.
  • Strengthened Cybersecurity: Enhance cybersecurity defenses significantly by identifying and mitigating potential entry points for cyber threats.
  • Safeguard Data: Empower organizations to safeguard their data by making the digital landscape safer for all.
  • Precise Information Flow Analysis: Gain precise insights into information flow dynamics within the organization.
  • Swift Risk Mitigation: Identify and address high-risk clusters swiftly, preventing potential security breaches.
  • Comprehensive Visualization: Visually represent employee collaboration data to foster a deeper understanding of information flow.