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Welcome to the OutThink Cybersecurity Partnership Program! Collaborate with us to enhance cybersecurity. As a valued partner, you’ll gain access to a wide range of benefits, resources, and incentives designed to accelerate your success.

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OutThink Partner Program | OutThink Cybersecurity Partnership Program

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Innovative product portfolio

OutThink has consistently been recognised by industry leaders such as Gartner.
Our commitment to driving continuous innovation sets us apart, with over half of the business dedicated to research and development.

Build customer trust

Our relentless pursuit of putting the customer at the heart of what we do allows us to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity solutions. Enabling you to build trust with your customers and together, to keep their businesses protected from cyberthreats.

A true partnership

OutThink is committed to helping our partners succeed – offering a dedicated account manager, solutions engineer, technical and sales support, marketing materials and lead referrals.

Grow with a scalable portfolio

OutThink’s platform, designed for the future, offers immediate revenue opportunities with over 92% market adoption. Extended features facilitate cross-selling for bigger deals and increased customer lifetime value.


See what our customers
and partners have to say

Recognised by Gartner for its unique and innovative approach, OutThink is the highest-rated security awareness solution in the Gartner Peer Insights report for the last 3 consecutive years.*

“OutThink is probably the best cybersecurity training and awareness platform out there.”

Danske Bank 2
Mihaela Hozmache Security Training and Awareness Lead

“It’s not just better, it’s different. Having used a large number of providers in this space over the last few years, OutThink stands head and shoulders above the rest on just about every criteria.”

GartnerPeerInsightsLogo onlight
Beyond security awareness training Head of IT & Cyber Risk in the Finance Industry

“Hands down, OutThink is the best product in the market. The platform provides more than just security awareness. It gives me the intelligence I need to engage with the business and build sustainable security.”

Ali Othman Head of Business Information Security Management

Recognised by

*The score is based on customer reviews, independently verified by Gartner©

Gartner Peer Insights is a respected enterprise IT product and service review platform which uses verified customer feedback to identify the strongest vendors in the market. The overall rating is compiled from direct customer experiences of implementing and operating a solution and provides a trusted assessment of how satisfied existing customers are with a vendor’s product. To ensure inclusion in the surveys customer reviews must be representative of a broad mix of enterprise clients from different industries, company size and deployment regions.

Become a partner

Benefits of partnering with OutThink

The OutThink Partnership Program offers a range of benefits, resources, and incentives to ensure the success of our partners. This includes sales and marketing support, technical training and certifications, dedicated account management, lead generation assistance, and co-marketing opportunities.

Seemless Integration

OutThink integrates seamlessly with the existing systems and solutions commonly used by our OEM, SI, VAR and MSP partners and their customers. This reduces the complexity and time required for integration, helping you win quicker deals.

Customisable Solutions

Partners are provided the flexibility to customise and tailor the OutThink product and chargeable serviced to meet the unique needs of their customers. This can involve offering modular features, flexible pricing models and white-labelling options.

Strong Technical Support

Our partners have access to responsive and knowledgeable technical support teams that can assist partners with product-related queries, issues, or troubleshooting. This includes support for technical integration, onboarding, and ongoing usage.

Marketing and Sales Enablement:

OutThink equips our partners with quality sales and marketing collateral, such as product brochures, 3rd party independent thought leadership, case studies, demos, and training materials, to effectively engage customers and win more deals.

Scalability and Flexibility

Through both foundational and enhanced capabilities, partners gain access to cross-selling and upselling opportunities, resulting in larger potential deal sizes. Moreover, partners retain the flexibility to control customer buy-prices, thereby enhancing margins.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Enhanced reporting and in-depth metrics on employee sentiment and security behavior are unique differentiators for OutThink, providing direct access to monitor the performance, effectiveness, and ROI of the OutThink solutions for your customers. This capability helps our partners demonstrate the value and impact of the OutThink product/service.

Bigger Margins

Our partners play a crucial role in OutThink’s success, which is why we provide generous margins. With a standard partner margin of 30% for license resale, we foster mutual growth, enabling our partners to earn more by selling OutThink compared to other market offerings.

Continuous Innovation and Updates

OutThink is dedicated to continuous innovation through regular updates, enhancements, and new features to our product/service. This iterative process is driven by valuable customer and partner feedback, ensuring alignment with market needs.

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