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Our human risk management platform is changing cyber security. We’re looking for extraordinary talent to join the revolution.

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Our values
OutThink are a team of cyber security experts, data scientists & engineers passionate about challenging the status quo and transforming cybersecurity. We believe in…


Today, cyber criminals are winning, the world needs a new approach. ​​Our mission to prevent data breaches through innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We think outside the box, generate new and creative ideas.

Growth Mindset 

We are humble and understand “We” is more important than “I”. We only win if the team wins. ​We grow as individuals through effort, learning, and persistence, We grow OutThink together. ​​Collaboration, transparency, high-trust.

Customer Centricity 

OutThink’s operational purpose is happy customers. ​​ ​​We exist to build & deliver a product that prevents data breaches for our customers.
We transform the way they manage human risk because we listen and act accordingly – getting the right things done, fast.

Bias for action

We are enabled to seize opportunities, solve problems promptly, and drive innovation and growth in the cybersecurity space.
It means prioritizing swift and proactive steps to address security threats and deliver effective solutions. It fosters a culture of agility, quick decision-making, and prompt implementation.

The OutThink experience
At OutThink, we prioritize more than just work – we value your holistic well-being, growth, and unique needs. Our flexible benefits program is designed with you in mind, promoting a thriving work environment that aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Your Wellbeing Takes Priority

  • Lifestyle Allocation for Your Preferences: gym membership, Netflix, Spotify etc. with a monthly allowance of up to £50.
  • WFH, Internet and Phone: £50 per month to spend on phone plans and utilities like your wifi.
  • Kit Your Workspace: £300 equivalent to spend on your home office and technology you need thrive.
  • Comprehensive Health and Medical Coverage: (Currently available for UK and US employees).
  • Flexible Work Options: Embrace flexibility through adaptable work hours, remote work, and a hybrid model, enabling OutThinkers to harmonize work and life effectively.

Foster Learning and Collaborative Spirit 

  • Leverage our Dog Friendly Collaboration Hubs to Team Up: Generous allowance to facilitate teamwork and collaboration, we also know how much dogs can give us all the happiness when we meet up.
  • Annual Learning Budget of £600: Invest in courses, classes, or books that intrigue you.
  • Build Digital Skills for the 21st Century: Become a cybersecurity hero by using the OutThink platform! 

Embrace Personal Time 

  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (min of 25 days): – we believe in placing our trust in you completely! Whether it’s for vacation getaways, cherished moments with your loved ones or tending to a new furry friend 🐶 we wholeheartedly encourage you to take the time you need.
  • Enhanced Policy for New Parents: New parents will receive 4 full weeks paid time off and birthing parents can receive 16 weeks fully paid. Spend time and get the rest you deserve to recover.

Embark on New Ventures 

  • Team Expeditions: Cultivate camaraderie with your exceptional team through exhilarating team-building events, including a yearly Hackathon. 
  • Work from Anywhere: Attain the ultimate work-life equilibrium with options to work from anywhere for up to 4 weeks per year.

We’re scaling fast and looking for talented, passionate colleagues to join our ambitious team.