Human Risk Intelligence

Unlocking the power of Human Risk Intelligence

Discover how OutThink’s Cybersecurity Human Risk Intelligence goes beyond compliance to identify high-risk groups, understand their motivations, and proactively prevent security breaches. Harness the true potential of human risk data for a resilient cybersecurity strategy.

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Discover OutThink's Human Risk Intelligence

The key to enhancing your cybersecurity resilience. HRI goes beyond compliance, leveraging cutting-edge algorithms to comprehend individual user behaviors, attitudes, and intentions during cybersecurity awareness training. Integrated seamlessly with your existing security systems, like EDR, Email DLP, Web Filter, CASB, or SIEM, Microsoft 365 OutThink enables you to pinpoint high-risk groups, dissect the root causes of risk, and address critical questions.

Human Risk Intelligence | Cybersecurity Human Risk Intelligence

of all cyberattacks are phishing attacks.

Breaking the cycle of cyber threats

For over two decades, the cybersecurity industry has focused on security awareness training and phishing simulations. Despite these efforts, cybersecurity threats persist. Human error remains a significant challenge, contributing to up to 95% of security incidents, with a staggering 90% attributed to phishing attacks.

OutThink confronts this critical issue head-on. Our platform empowers individuals to develop strong cybersecurity awareness. We achieve this through personalized training and strict adherence to security policies, all supported by cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

of employees admit to intentionally bypassing their organisation’s cybersecurity guidance

– Gartner 2022 report

Mastering Security Culture

With OutThink’s Human Risk Intelligence (HRI), you gain an unparalleled vantage point into your organization’s risk landscape. Our solution aggregates and analyzes data from various sources, harnessing the power of unsupervised machine learning and robust scientific models to predict human risk. The OutThink ML algorithms then go a step further, offering actionable recommendations to bolster your security posture.

Unlike traditional solutions, OutThink doesn’t stop at compliance; we dig deep into your organization’s risk fabric to reveal invaluable insights. With us, you’ll uncover:

1/5 — Overall Risk

Organization risk level

Comprehensive human risk score highlighting your organization’s overall risk level.

Manage Cybersecurity Human Risk | OutThink
2/5 — Risk Distribution

Identify high risk departments

A detailed overview of human risk distribution across employees.

Manage Cybersecurity Human Risk with OutThink
3/5 — Users

Identify high risk users

Identification of high-risk users through behavioral telemetry.

Manage Cybersecurity Human Risk with OutThink | Manage Employee Risk
4/5 — Risk Scores

Individual risk scores

Calculation and generation of individual user risk scores and risk cards.

Manage Cybersecurity Human Risk with OutThink
5/5 — Insights

Monitor training & performance

In-depth insights into training performance across user groups, business units, and departments.

Manage Cybersecurity Human Risk with OutThink | Manage Employee Risk
OutThink Human Risk Intelligence

See how it works

Explore a sneak peek: play our demo video below.

Key features

Comprehensive user insights

Gain a deep understanding of your organization’s security culture, posture, and human risk scores across employees.

Real-time behavioural analysis

Continuously monitor and analyze individual users’ attitudes, intentions, and behaviors as they engage in cybersecurity awareness training


Integrate with your existing security infrastructure, including EDR, Email DLP, Web Filter, CASB, or SIEM, to enhance data collection and analysis

High-risk user

Identify and prioritize high-risk employees based on behavioral telemetry and risk score calculations.

Actionable recommendations

Receive actionable insights and recommendations to address identified risks and improve security posture.

Automated training campaign

Implement personalized and automated training campaigns tailored to individual user performance and behaviors.

Localization and customization

Deliver content in users’ preferred languages and customize training materials to match your brand.


Access in-depth reporting on training performance across user groups, business units, and departments.


See what our customers
and partners have to say

Recognised by Gartner® for its unique and innovative approach, OutThink is the highest-rated security awareness solution in the Gartner® Peer Insights™ report for the last 3 consecutive years.*

“OutThink is probably the best cybersecurity training and awareness platform out there.”

Danske Bank 2
Mihaela Hozmache Security Training and Awareness Lead

“It’s not just better, it’s different. Having used a large number of providers in this space over the last few years, OutThink stands head and shoulders above the rest on just about every criteria.”

GartnerPeerInsightsLogo onlight
Beyond security awareness training Head of IT & Cyber Risk in the Finance Industry

“Hands down, OutThink is the best product in the market. The platform provides more than just security awareness. It gives me the intelligence I need to engage with the business and build sustainable security.”

Ali Othman Head of Business Information Security Management

Recognised by

*The score is based on customer reviews, independently verified by Gartner®

Gartner® Peer Insights™ is a respected enterprise IT product and service review platform which uses verified customer feedback to identify the strongest vendors in the market. The overall rating is compiled from direct customer experiences of implementing and operating a solution and provides a trusted assessment of how satisfied existing customers are with a vendor’s product. To ensure inclusion in the surveys customer reviews must be representative of a broad mix of enterprise clients from different industries, company size and deployment regions.

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