AI is transforming cybersecurity – How to defend your organization against malicious AI?

OutThink how to defend your organisation against malicious AI cybersecurity phishing simulator cyberattacks

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the power of artificial intelligence (AI) has introduced new dimensions of both promise and peril. How can you defend your organization against malicious AI?

The emergence of malicious AI chatbots poses significant risks for businesses. Cybercriminals are using AI for hyper-realistic phishing campaigns and social engineering attacks, exploiting human vulnerabilities and posing serious risks to employees and organizations.

What these malicious AI such as FraudGPT and WormGPT tools do is scale up cyberattacks. With the effort that previously created a handful of messages, bad actors can now generate hundreds of thousands, making them highly realistic and more sophisticated at the same time.

The combination of large-scale data scraping and generative AI tools enables even entry-level scammers to target organizations of all sizes. By crafting convincing phishing messages and utilizing social engineering techniques to trick employees into divulging sensitive information or falling victim to malware attacks. Even small businesses will face an increase in attacks. These attacks will target individuals across the organization, not just those in the most sensitive roles.

The concern is real, but the answer lies not in fear, but in action.

Building a strong security culture is essential to protect against AI driven threats as with every other kind of threat. When employees are actively engaged and invested in cybersecurity awareness training, they become vigilant defenders against phishing attempts and social engineering attacks of other kinds. A security first mindset across your organization acts as a powerful shield against evolving cyber threats.

Donnacha Kirk, Head of AI and Data Science of OutThink, said: With the threat landscape constantly changing, here at OutThink, we leverage AI to keep the entire workforce safe and deliver human-centric security across all the pillars of our business.

OutThink’s Generative AI-powered modules provide a unique, immersive learning experience where users undertake cyber missions and interact freely with the training content. We continually update and create new training modules to address the latest threat vectors ensuring that our phishing simulations closely resemble the types of threats your employees may encounter from malicious actors. The advanced reporting tools, accessible to the security team, turn the training experience into a two-way conversation, providing visibility into your organization security posture. Presented in an intuitive format, they deliver valuable insights and identify potential areas for improvement, ensuring your team’s resilience against the latest threats.

Donnacha Kirk, Head of AI and Data Science of OutThink, said: Our people first approach focuses on empowering employees to become the first and best line of defense against cyber threats. Through targeted training and sophisticated phishing simulations, we equip your team with the skills needed to recognize and report these advanced threats effectively. Technology can only handle what it’s already seen.

OutThink Phishing Reporting API, a groundbreaking capability empowering clients to seamlessly integrate custom reporting plugins with the OutThink simulation reporting API. This allows clients to use their preferred reporting add-ons while benefiting from comprehensive tracking of phishing campaign performance, resulting in phishing resilience and overall human risk reduction. The reporting plugin is now available for mobile, specifically Outlook on mobile.

Let’s make cybersecurity easy.