Unlocking the Secrets to CISO Success: Gartner’s Latest Findings

Discover what sets top-performing CISOs apart from the rest! According to Gartner’s recent survey, 69% of high-achieving CISOs dedicate time to personal professional development, compared to just 36% of their counterparts, among five other key traits.

In the ever-evolving role of a CISO, it’s crucial to invest in continuous learning. Chiara Girardi, Senior Principal Researcher at Gartner, emphasizes the importance of staying ahead in the game to serve as a strategic advisor to your organization.

Gartner’s benchmarking survey of 227 CISOs unveils five game-changing behaviors that distinguish top performers.
Did you know that:

  • 77% of them actively initiate conversations about evolving security norms.
  • 63% proactively engage in securing emerging technologies.
  • 69% dedicated regularly occurring time for professional development activities.
  • 65% primarily build relationships with senior business decision makers outside of the context of projects.
  • 67% define risk appetite through collaboration with senior business decision makers.

Find out more about these key behaviors that are 1.5 times more prevalent in top-performing CISOs. Stay informed about the latest cybersecurity trends and learn how to proactively engage with emerging technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain. Get insights into building strong relationships with senior decision-makers across the business and defining enterprise risk appetite.

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