What’s new with OutThink: Psychographic Segmentation and Real-time Human Risk Level Distribution; EVA by OutThink – Cybersecurity AI Assistant

What’s new with OutThink: Psychographic Segmentation and Real-time Human Risk Level Distribution; EVA by OutThink - Cybersecurity AI Assistant

OutThink – a data-driven security awareness solution that leverages AI, ML, human risk quantification algorithms and automation, uniquely tailors phishing simulations and training to each employee, and gives security team valuable insights into their security posture.

Our team has been busy building and enhancing the products you know and love — making it even easier to use for CISOs and security teams. Here are the latest updates from our product team. 

1. Psychographic Segmentation and Real-time Risk Level Distribution in the Human Risk Intelligence (HRI) Section

In the HRI section, we introduce psychographic segmentation through a striking centrepiece visual. Gain unique insights into risk distribution as you explore data from specific psychographic segments, complete with definitions, user counts, and associated risks. Furthermore, experience a new dimension of risk assessment with the unveiling of a dynamic risk level distribution visualization. This innovative addition, presented as a colourful spectrum, empowers you to assess risk levels individually and effortlessly with just a click, revolutionizing your approach to user analysis.

And so much more: 

Introducing the Activity Log in our HRI section – a real-time monitoring system that proactive tracks events across the entire platform, including training, phishing simulations, and integrations. Stay on top of user progress and campaign effectiveness with ease, ensuring your security initiatives are always up-to-date and optimizing their impact.

Advanced filtering in campaign dashboards: Pinpoint Risks and Behaviors Like Never Before – smoothly integrates into the curriculum statistic dashboard, giving administrators more control and insights than ever before. This means you can easily customize the security awareness training to address specific knowledge gaps, individual needs, and even departmental requirements. In simple terms, the advanced filtering feature changes the way organizations manage security awareness training.

2. Security Awareness with the All-New User Dashboard

The OutThink User Dashboard – is designed to streamline campaign management and boost security awareness for your organization. The user dashboard is easily accessed by employees allowing them to manage all their current and past campaigns in one centralized location, ensuring an efficient and organized approach to security training.

The User Dashboard empowers you to direct users to one central hub, enabling consistent and effective security communication across the company. No more scattered resources or complicated navigation – everything is easily and conveniently accessible from one place.

As a line manager, you will also benefit from the OutThink User Dashboard, gaining insights into your employee’s progress and easy access to training materials to support their development. 

The OutThink User Dashboard helps the organization keep better track of things and make continuous improvements. It gives employees a better training experience that is efficient and organized. It goes beyond just teaching them about security.

  • Advantages: The User Dashboard brings together campaign management in one place, making it easier and quicker to oversee ongoing and past training programs. Employees can easily find and use resources, keep track of their progress, and stay involved in security awareness efforts.
  • Benefits: Enhanced Convenience – With campaigns accessible from a single platform, employees can focus on developing their cybersecurity knowledge without navigating 

3. Maximize Productivity and Engagement with EVA by OutThink

Your Proactive Feedback Collection and Support – Our virtual assistant, EVA, takes security awareness to a whole new level by continuously analyzing real-time training results throughout your organization. But it doesn’t stop there – EVA by OutThink goes the extra mile by proactively reaching out to employees who express concerns related to security policies, inviting them to provide valuable feedback.

No more waiting for feedback to come in passively. EVA by OutThink ensures timely and targeted support by identifying employees facing specific risks and sending relevant messages promptly. When high-priority risks are detected, EVA by OutThink steps in, allowing employees to request additional assistance in the areas of concern.

Moreover, EVA by OutThink operates seamlessly within Microsoft Teams, making it even more convenient for your users. It offers training reminders, feedback requests, and additional resources, all while enhancing user engagement with cybersecurity training.

EVA by OutThink, is designed to raise the engagement level of your users!

  • Advantage: Proactive Security Approach – Eva’s proactive feedback collection allows organizations to address employee concerns before they escalate into security incidents. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of security breaches caused by misunderstandings or unaddressed issues.
  • Benefits: Data-Driven Insights – With valuable feedback from employees, clients gain deeper insights into the effectiveness of their security policies and training initiatives. Data-driven insights enable clients to fine-tune their cybersecurity programs, maximizing the impact on employees’ security awareness and behavior.

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