Reinforce Your Cyber Defences with OutThink’s Security Awareness Training

Educate Your Employees

OutThink is the world’s first cybersecurity platform that puts businesses in control. In an era of constant cyber threats, ensuring that your employees are equipped with knowledge and vigilance is crucial. OutThink offers Security Awareness Training to transform your employees from the weakest link into your strongest asset in cybersecurity. There is no generic one size fits all training with us.

We do this by helping to educate your employees, by learning from their daily habits.

We take a unique and innovative approach that goes beyond traditional one-size-fits-all programs. This is undertaking by adapting to each employee’s needs and risks, dynamically allocating targeted security awareness training. The completion and knowledge test scores provide a risk factor percentage for your business, helping you mitigate potential threats effectively.

OutThink’s cloud-based platform simplifies the delivery of security awareness training across your organization. Through automated workflows and unsupervised machine learning decisioning, we make achieving lasting behavioural change easier than ever. In the face of escalating cyber attacks, awareness isn’t merely advisable; it’s indispensable.

Real Impact – More Than Just Training
Our training goes beyond basic awareness, it modifies behaviours. A 2023 study by Cybersecurity Ventures found that businesses implementing security awareness training reported a decrease in phishing susceptibility by up to 70%. That’s the measurable impact we strive for in every training session.

Take the first step towards a stronger cybersecurity stance. Request a Free Demo of our Phishing Simulation and minimize cyber risks by empowering your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to spot and avoid phishing attacks.

A Closer Look at Our Security Awareness Training
Our training includes real-world scenarios and regular assessments, providing a comprehensive understanding of the digital threat landscape. The program covers essential topics like phishing, ransomware, password safety, secure browsing practices, and more. Learn more about OutThink’s Security Awareness by watching this short video on going beyond security awareness training.

How Often Should Training Be Conducted?
Given the rapidly evolving cyber landscape, Security Awareness Training should be ongoing. We suggest conducting training at least biannually or whenever there is a significant change in your IT environment.

Don’t wait for a cyber threat to strike. Invest in Security Awareness Training today and foster a cyber-aware culture. Make contact today.

Amidst the escalating cyber threats, educating your team is your best defence. Arm your employees with the knowledge to protect your organisation with OutThink’s Security Awareness Training. Together, let’s OutThink threats and establish a safer digital space.