Change Human Risk into Cyber Strength with OutThink’s Human Risk Intelligence

Human Risk Intelligence

The greatest cybersecurity threat often lies within the organisation itself – the human element. Mitigating human risk in cybersecurity is a challenge, but OutThink has the solution, which is our Human Risk Intelligence platform.

At OutThink, we view the human factor not as a weakness but as an opportunity. Our platform is designed to reduce human risk and transform your employees into cybersecurity assets.

Benefits of our Human Risk Management Platform
Informed by psychological theories and customised for cybersecurity, our platform helps you understand why certain employees are more likely to cause a security breach. With the ability to segment data, our platform facilitates bespoke retraining strategies for different employee groups. It not only provides an overall view of the organisation’s security posture but also aids in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

Why Opt for OutThink’s Human Risk Intelligence Solution?
A 2023 report by Cybersecurity Ventures found that businesses implementing robust Human Risk Management programs saw up to a 60% reduction in cyber incidents due to human error. Our platform aims to match and exceed this impact by driving positive security behaviour changes across enterprizes.

We adopt a multi-faceted approach towards Human Risk Intelligence, encompassing security awareness training, real-world simulations, predictive analytics, and continuous feedback. This strategy helps in creating a resilient, security-conscious workforce. To comprehend our approach better, watch our Human Risk Intelligence video.

Our Human Risk Intelligence (HRI) offers a thorough understanding of your entreprize’s security culture, human risk score across employees, and their actual behaviours.

Understanding Human Risk Intelligence
Human Risk Intelligence involves identifying, assessing, and prioritizing human risks in cybersecurity. It then coordinates resources to minimize, monitor, and control potential risks. What this means is that our system proactively alerts users and employees about potential incidents, helping them take preventative measures.

Effectiveness of Human Risk Intelligence
With a large portion of cyber incidents attributed to human error, effectively managing this risk significantly reduces the likelihood of a breach.

Take Control of Your Cybersecurity Today
Don’t let human risk be your cybersecurity chink in the armour. Strengthen your cyber resilience with our Human Risk Management platform today.