What’s new with OutThink: Real-time Training Editor and Adaptation, Reporting feedback via EVA – Cybersecurity AI Assistant and Employee Feedback Management

What’s new with OutThink: Real-time Training Editor and Adaptation, Reporting feedback via EVA - Cybersecurity AI Assistant and Employee Feedback Management

OutThink – a data-driven security awareness solution that leverages AI, ML, human risk quantification algorithms and automation, uniquely tailors phishing simulations and training to each employee, and gives the security team valuable insights into their security posture.

Our team has been busy building and enhancing the products you know and love — making it even easier to use for CISOs and security teams. Here are the latest updates from our product team. 

1. Training Editor

This dynamic tool empowers you to take full ownership of your training module content, enabling real-time modifications with utmost ease. We understand that training content is not static, and your organization’s evolving needs demand flexibility. The Training Editor grants you the power to swiftly adapt and fine-tune training materials without delay.

Whether you want to update terminology, address emerging threats, or incorporate organization-specific examples, the Training Editor puts the reins in your hands. This means you can react promptly to changes in the threat landscape, company policies, or industry regulations, all while maintaining seamless continuity in your training initiatives.

Advantage: Real-time Content Control and Adaptation
Key Benefits:

  • Real-time content control for training modules: The Training Editor allows you to have immediate control over your training module content, enabling you to make changes and updates as needed without any delays. This real-time capability ensures that your training materials are always up-to-date and relevant.
  • Swift adaptation to evolving security challenges: With the Training Editor, you can quickly adapt your training content to address emerging security threats. This agility ensures that your workforce is well-informed about the latest risks and mitigation strategies, enhancing overall cybersecurity awareness and readiness.
  • Alignment of training content with current company policies and industry standards: As your organization’s policies and industry regulations evolve, the Training Editor empowers you to seamlessly align your training content with these changes. This alignment ensures that your training materials remain compliant and accurate, reflecting the most current requirements.
  • Seamless integration of customized examples and case studies: The Training Editor enables you to effortlessly incorporate organization-specific examples, case studies, and scenarios into your training modules. This customization makes the training content more relatable and relevant to your employees, increasing engagement and knowledge retention.

2. Reporting feedback via EVA by OutThink

As part of our continuous integration of EVA by OutThink into the employee learning process, OutThink has introduced real-time feedback when employees report an email; a smarter approach to email reporting – designed to transform the way users interact with and report suspicious emails, all while offering essential feedback.

Advantage: Enhanced User Engagement and Threat Refinement
Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced user engagement and interaction: With the EVA Feedback feature, employees experience a more dynamic and interactive approach to email reporting. Real-time feedback and reinforcement messages acknowledge their proactive role in cybersecurity, fostering a stronger sense of shared responsibility and vigilance.
  • Refined simulations through direct user feedback: The option for users to specify the reasons for identifying a simulation email provides invaluable insights. This direct feedback aids in refining simulations, ensuring they remain relevant, up-to-date, and highly effective in educating users about potential threats.
  • Positive reinforcement for active involvement: When users report unknown or potentially malicious emails, the reinforcement messages they receive encourage continued active participation in safeguarding the digital environment. This positive affirmation reinforces the importance of their contributions to the overall cybersecurity posture.
  • Insight-driven threat detection improvement: Allowing users to specify elements that triggered their suspicion of a phishing email provides crucial input for refining threat detection algorithms. This continuous improvement makes threat detection more accurate, adaptive, and capable of staying ahead of evolving cyber threats.
  • Consistent experience across platforms: The EVA-powered advancements extend seamlessly to both Slack and Teams, ensuring that employees have a consistent experience and access to valuable feedback across the tools integral to their workflow. This consistency enhances user familiarity and engagement.
  • Tailored prompts and feedback for varied email sources: Depending on the email’s source, EVA by OutThink provides congrats prompts to users and gathers feedback about what alerted them to the potentially malicious nature of the email. This tailored approach ensures that users receive relevant and contextualized guidance, fostering effective learning and behavior change.

3. Exposing campaign and AI Summary of the feedback

Tap into real-time feedback from employees, targeting specific training campaigns and security subjects. This innovative feature equips administrators with AI-generated summaries, spotlighting the prevailing comments spanning the entire organization. 

Advantage: Comprehensive Insights and Streamlined Analysis
Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive insights from campaign comments: The Enhanced Employee Feedback Management feature allows administrators to access real-time feedback from employees regarding specific training campaigns and security subjects. This provides a holistic understanding of employee sentiments and opinions related to various initiatives.
  • AI-generated summaries for valuable insights: Through AI-generated summaries, administrators can quickly grasp the prevailing sentiments and key points across the organization. This efficient summarization ensures that important insights from employee comments are easily accessible and actionable.
  • Advanced natural language processing for nuanced understanding: Powered by advanced natural language processing, this feature goes beyond simple keyword analysis. It comprehends the nuances and context of employee comments, ensuring that valuable contributions, suggestions, and concerns are fully understood and addressed.
  • Capture of invaluable contributions: The feature ensures that no valuable feedback goes unnoticed. It captures constructive suggestions, fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas from employees, fostering a culture of collaboration and improvement.
  • Smart categorization for streamlined analysis: For organizations dealing with substantial feedback volumes, the smart categorization system organizes comments linked to each security topic. This categorization simplifies the process of uncovering insights that are most relevant and impactful, saving administrators time and effort.
  • Real-time insights into employee sentiments: The feature provides real-time insights into employee sentiments regarding training campaigns and security topics. This up-to-date understanding enables swift responses to concerns, improvements based on suggestions, and alignment with employee perceptions.
  • Simplified and actionable feedback: AI-generated summaries offer a quick snapshot of prevalent sentiments and common comments. This straightforward approach ensures that feedback is easily digestible and enables organizations to make informed decisions and improvements with confidence.

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