OutThink Launches New Partnership Program to Transform Security Awareness Training 

OutThink’s Partnership Program will Drive Rapid Expansion and Accelerate Growth

July 18, 2023, London, UK:  OutThink –the leading Cybersecurity Human Risk Management Platform (SaaS), is proud to announce the launch of its innovative partnership program. 

Understanding the vital need for a modern and innovative approach to security awareness training, OutThink invites industry partners to join our ground-breaking partnership program. As part of the partnership program, collaborators will have the opportunity to tap into a high-margin potential as the demand for innovative next-generation security awareness training solutions continues to skyrocket.

Recognised by leading analysts in the cybersecurity space such as Gartner and Forrester, OutThink is at the forefront of this transformative market, offering partners a unique chance to drive growth and meet the evolving needs of organisations worldwide.

OutThink is the world’s first cybersecurity human risk management platform – a data-driven security awareness solution. By leveraging machine learning, human risk quantification algorithms and automation, OutThink makes training relevant to each employee. This results in an increase in engagement, which ultimately, reduces the risk of data breaches caused by the people in an organisation.

By joining the OutThink partnership program, MSPs and VARS organizations can proactively manage human risk and effectively mitigate cybersecurity threats in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

“We are excited to invite potential partners to shape the future of security awareness training with us,” said Flavius Plesu, CEO at OutThink. “Together, we can make a meaningful impact on organizations’ cybersecurity posture and help them mitigate human risk effectively.”

The OutThink Cybersecurity Human Risk Management Platform empowers workforces to become the first line of defense against cyber threats. By leveraging automated personalized training, engaging simulations, and powerful insights, employees become cybersecurity-aware and accountable.

OutThink helps businesses build a culture of cybersecurity excellence, providing resilient and secure organizations. To ensure the success of partners, OutThink offers a dedicated partnerships team for sales, support and technical enablement on the platform and marketing support, a services framework, as well as demo platform access and NFR licenses.

The OutThink partnership program offers three partnership levels:

  • Authorized Referral Partner: Referral Partners are authorized to sell OutThink’s Human Risk Management and Security Awareness Platform by referring potential customers. They act as trusted advisors, educating clients on the value and benefits of OutThink’s solutions. Referral partners receive referral commissions for qualified leads that result in closed deals.
  • Strategic Partner: Strategic Partners work closely with OutThink to actively promote and sell the Human Risk Management and Security Awareness Platform. They collaborate with OutThink’s sales team, provide market insights, and feedback, and participate in joint marketing initiatives. Strategic partners receive discounts and access to sales and marketing resources, including training and sales enablement tools.
  • MSP Innovation Partner: MSP Innovation Partners differentiate themselves in the market by providing ongoing services that reduce risk across human factors. They implement and configure OutThink’s solution for clients, act as trusted advisors offering strategic guidance and consulting, provide ongoing monitoring and support, and offer regular reporting and analysis. MSP Innovation Partners receive substantial discounts, a multi-tenant platform for easy customer management, and full customization capabilities.

By leveraging OutThink’s partner proposition, value proposition, market intelligence, and collaborative approach, partners can effectively promote and sell the Cybersecurity Human Risk Management platform, create value for their customers, and achieve mutual success.

To learn more about the OutThink Partnership Program, visit https://outthink.io/partnerships/ or contact Kanav Bhama, kanav.bhama@outthink.io


About Outthink: 

OutThink brings the world’s first cybersecurity human risk management platform (SaaS). An innovative, disruptive solution, OutThink is the evolution of traditional security awareness training. Used by large, complex global organisations (incl. FTSE 100), the OutThink SaaS platform has been developed specifically to identify, understand and manage human risk. OutThink was built by a team of CISOs and researchers for security professionals who are looking to build more sustainable security and make people their strongest defense mechanism. Headquartered in the City of London, OutThink has a global client base all of whom are served locally from offices located in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. https://outthink.io/