OutThink Introduces Conversational AI into Cybersecurity

Another Industry First for OutThink, harnessing AI to create interactive storytelling for completely immersive awareness training experiences

NEW YORK, NY – June 21, 2024 – OutThink, the world leader in Cybersecurity Human Risk Management solutions, today announced the launch of its new AI-powered adaptive Security Awareness Training (SAT) modules. This makes OutThink the first security training vendor to use a graphics-enabled natural language interface as part of awareness training.

With a “choose your own adventure” style learning experience, the new AI SAT modules represent the state of the art in fully immersive engagement-driven awareness training. The learner consumes the content by interacting in a series of roleplays with a natural language interface, taking the learner through some realistic and some lightly-fantastical scenarios that test the learner’s security IQ while imparting relevant bits of knowledge along the way. The interaction is completely open-ended, allowing the learner to enter free text that is interpreted by the AI engine inside the module. The path of each learner can be different depending on their responses.

These modules are set inside of OutThink’s core training infrastructure, all built on a chassis of Human Risk Intelligence data collection. The conversation AI engine is provided by the same AI tech vendor used by Dreamworks and Disney for major Hollywood film production. That same tech can now be applied to teach every employee in the enterprise in an interactive fashion.

The end goal is for the training to be as highly-engaging as possible, adapted to real-life scenarios and presenting the learner with only the type of information they don’t already know, all while continuing to build the psychographic behavioral security profile of every individual in the company.

“We all know how quickly typical generic training can make the CISO’s team look bad in the eyes of the company,” said Flavius Plesu, the founder and CEO of OutThink. “The new AI-driven conversational technology takes adaptive security awareness training to the next level, preventing that collective eye-roll and engaging the learner on the fly by adapting the training content to their demonstrated level of knowledge.”


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