What do Dreamworks, Disney and OutThink have in common?

The short answer to this question is that OutThink is using the same conversational AI technology as these Hollywood giants, as well as AAA gaming developers in animating its newest interactive training modules. To truly *get* this answer, though, you’ll need to take a a spin through the new AI-driven adaptive security awareness training modules OutThink is releasing today.

OutThink just launched these next-gen Adaptive Security Awareness Training (ASAT) modules, after testing them with some of its customer base. These modules are now available to all OutThink customers to test and deploy. There is admittedly a lot of AI-riddled fluff coming out of software vendors in general, and security awareness training vendors in particular. OutThink has distinguished itself among its customers for using pointed doses of AI under the covers of its technology with maximum purpose. One customer CISO recently said, in a video interview, that “unlike many vendors, OutThink has actually delivered value to us by using AI in its platform!”

This makes OutThink the first security training vendor to integrate a graphics-enabled natural language interface into its training modules. These state-of-the-art modules are built with strong guardrails for an immersive experience that always leads the learner through a story arc towards a positive conclusion. That arc is different for each learner – a kind of “build your own adventure” learning experience. The inputs from the learner are open-ended, providing many possible scenarios and a lot of input to the OutThink Human Risk Intelligence (HRI) engine for building each learner’s behavioral profile with respect to security.

The new AI SAT modules are part of OutThink’s core training infrastructure, all of which is built on a chassis of HRI data collection. The goal of the conversational AI engine, developed by the same vendor used by Dreamworks and Disney, is an interactive training experience for enterprise employees. In all its products, OutThink strives to create highly engaging and adaptive training sessions tailored to real-life scenarios, presenting learners with information they do not yet know.

We hear frequently that generic, check-the-box training is useless and just causes employees to “roll their eyes”, hold their nose, and click through to completion. Typical awareness training makes the security team look bad and reduces their trust within the broader company. Deploying adaptive training, where the AI adapts directly to the learner’s level of knowledge actually raises the credibility and relevance of security awareness programs run by the CISO’s organization.

For more information, please see the news release or visit the Security Awareness Training pages.


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