Webinar – How to manage human risk with people working from home

Webinar - OuThink Guest speakers Christian Toon CISO Pinsent Masons and Karl Knowles CISO HFWv

The cyber landscape is always changing as hackers find new ways and forms to access information. They do not only exploit technical deficiencies but often rely on people to access sensitive data. 

In fact, there is ample evidence to indicate that attackers are exploiting the high volume of remote users. It is now much harder to identify unusual remote logins and detect credential theft. 

Devices that are used to log in for the first time are no longer an anomaly and may go undetected. Security teams are managing in a world of ‘unknown unknowns’ as user behaviours and access patterns that they have not experienced before have become the ‘new normal’. 

Social engineering or ‘hacking minds’ for example: COVID weaponised emails; theft of remote user credentials; SMiShing and spear phishing attacks, remain the preferred avenue of threat access in 2021 simply because it cannot be patched with technical solutions.  

To address these problems, OutThink is actively engaged in building a ‘Framework for the Management of Human Risk in Cyber Security’ which helps organisations understand that creating a strong healthy cyber-security culture is not simply about patching technology and processes. In fact, it is about patching the human brain. 

On this topic, we hosted our latest webinar on April 29th, 2021 where our guest speakers Christian Toon, CISO, Pinsent Masons, and Karl Knowles, Global Head of Cyber & CISO, HFW shared their views on managing human risk with people working from home.

Our CISO panellists:

Christian has overall responsibility for cyber and information security across the practice. He has almost two decades’ experience in information protection strategy across a variety of organisations and geographies, including a large information management services company and a ‘Big Four’ professional services firm. At Pinsent Masons, he leads a team that focuses on behavioural change and security awareness, governance risk and compliance, and technical security. 

Christian is a member of the Scottish Government’s National Cyber Resilience Advisory Board and has been working alongside other practitioners and policy makers to provide advice, support and challenge to the industry. Christian is also a diversity and excellence champion in legal technology and security, through DELTAS, which are a key component to successful information security programs

Karl is a well-established security leader with extensive experience and respected views on cyber security. He began his career as a communications engineer in the British Army and held key information security roles, advising senior military leadership on the global deployment of information and communications systems. After a successful 25-year military career, he moved into consultancy joining BSI and Deloitte LLP. It was during this time that Karl quickly established himself as a subject matter expert, advising private and public sector clients in the development of improved cyber and privacy strategies.

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