Webinar – Cybersecurity Culture

OutThink Webinar | Cybersecurity Culture | Illyas Kooliyankal, Chief Information Security Officer, UAE Bank and Vuk Sajinovi, Senior ISO, European Investment Bank

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With the increased use of digital technologies, remote working, the gig economy, systems with greater connectivity, and the collection of ever more valuable data assets the likely hood of compromise through cyber-attacks is higher than ever. 

In the face of this increasing risk profile, many organisations still mistakenly believe that mitigation comes through heavy investment in security technology defences. In fact, this does little to change security culture, worse still it can create an unhealthy level of complacency.

Leading CISOs understand that the security behaviours of individual employees are heavily influenced by the prevailing security culture of the organisation as a whole. How can leaders pro-actively shape their organisation’s security culture and values in order to sustainably change behaviours on a day-to-day basis?

To address these problems, OutThink is actively engaged in building a ‘Framework for the Management of Human Risk in Cyber Security’ which helps organisations understand that creating a strong healthy cyber-security culture is not simply about patching technology and processes. In fact, it is about patching the human brain. 

On this topic, we hosted our latest webinar on May 27th, 2021 where our guest speakers Illyas Kooliyankal, CISO, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, and Vuk Sajinovic, Senior ISO, European Investment Bank shared their views on how to create, develop and maintain a risk-aware cybersecurity culture.

Our panellists will be:

Illyas Kooliyankal – CISO, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Illyas is Cyber Security leader with multi decade experience of pioneering and leading multi-million dollar projects and transformation programs across financial institutions. He has laid the foundation of digital secure landscape and prioritising continuous business growth. His core ideology is to transform and institutionalise a cyber-secure culture and defend the bank against dynamic threat vectors. 

Illyas Kooliyankal is also a well-known speaker and writer. He has delivered key note speeches at many international conferences and has penned down his unconventional and challenging prospective on cyber security through various blogs and magazines. 

Vuk Sajinovic –Senior ISO, European Investment Bank

Vuk Sajinovic is Senior Information Security Officer at European Investment Bank (EIB) where he is responsible for the risk assessment of business applications across the bank, including cloud applications.

Vuk been actively involved in the information and cyber security industry for 10 years. He started his career in IT internal audit working with EY and RBC and has a wealth of experience advising organisations to understand and improve their cyber resilience.

Vuk holds CISA and BCMS certifications and is an active contributor to the InfoSec community through conferences and speaking engagements.””

WATCH recording of  Cybersecurity Culture”.