OutThink is a Forrester recognised vendor innovating in the human risk management space 

OutThink is a Forrester recognised vendor innovating in the human risk management space.

OutThink is recognized by Forrester in the latest landscape report for its innovative, data-driven human risk management solution, reinforcing our commitment to customers.

Read the full report – “The Human Risk Management Solutions Landscape Q1, 2024.”

OutThink automates and simplifies the identification of human risk factors across organizational processes, technology, and people layers. By leveraging machine learning, data, human risk quantification algorithms, and automation, we make employee training more relevant with a targeted approach based on individual behavior.

This increases engagement and ultimately reduces the risk of data breaches caused by personnel in an organization.

Built by CISOs for CISOs, OutThink is a revolutionary SaaS platform that organizations of any size can use to target the source of 91% of all data breaches – human behavior.

How can a human risk management solution benefit you?

  • Detect Human Security Behaviors and Their Risks: Detect a broad range of human actions and assess their associated risks, integrating with security and technology tools to enable CISOs to identify risky behaviors and their implications for individuals, teams, or organizations.
  • Adapt Policies, Training, and Technologies at Scale: Target training in real-time to address detected risky behavior, streamline policy interventions such as adjusting access privileges based on risk behavior scores, and optimize security processes and technologies to enhance user experience.
  • Integrate Human Risk into Overall Cyber Risk Management: Measure reductions in human risk and their impact on overall cyber risk, feed human risk scores into cyber risk quantification tools, and provide vital risk and behavioral data to security teams for actionable insights.

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