Adaptive Security Awareness Training for workers without an email address from OutThink.

OutThink adaptive cybersecurity awareness training train everyone everywhere cybersecurity 100% completion active engagement

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a concern for every employee, yet traditional security awareness training often overlooks the unique challenges faced by workers who don’t have a business email address.

OutThink’s innovative approach addresses this gap, offering the possibility to easily train everyone, everywhere on IT / OT / Physical / Cyber Security, including workers without an email address – via tablets, shared computers, or terminals in the factory / warehouse / on the shop floor.

Recent reports indicate that almost half of manufacturers organizations have experienced cyber-attacks within the past year, resulting in substantial financial losses for over a quarter of affected companies.

Attacks range from simple human errors to complex spear-phishing attacks, posing a significant risk. Production stoppages and reputational damage are among the most common consequences, with 65% of attacks leading to disruptions in production.

Furthermore, potential customers now demand assurances regarding an organization’s cybersecurity measures before entering into contracts.

OutThink makes it easy and possible to train everyone, everywhere on IT / OT / Physical / Cyber Security. OutThink’s adaptive security awareness training becomes a continuous journey rather than a one-time event, resulting in 100% completion and active engagement.

Regardless of their shift timings or breaks, employees can access security education through shared terminals using convenient methods like badge scans, QR codes, or their employee ID.

OutThink equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance your organization’s security resilience.

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