Human Risk Intelligence (HRI)

Human Risk Intelligence: Easier Than Ever

The world around us is becoming digital, including the way we communicate and protect our information. Today, the vast majority of security incidents and data breaches are caused by human error.

If this is a problem for you, you may want to take a look at OutThink, a cybersecurity human risk management platform (SaaS) that goes beyond traditional security awareness to prevent data breaches by understanding your people.

Key Features

To address the market’s need, OutThink’s proactive approach to risk management enables organizations to mitigate the risk of breaches by understanding their security culture, posture, human risk score across employees and organizations, and actual human behaviors.

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  • Organization’s human risk score and employees’ overview human risk distribution

With OutThink Human Risk Intelligence you can easily visualize your organization’s employees and departmental risk score. HRI enables admins to effectively segment, calculate users’ risk scores, and generate comprehensive risk cards to understand how to support them better.

  • High-risk users based on behavioral telemetry

OutThink Human Risk Intelligence leverages AI, ML, and NLP to analyze user level of risk through telemetry during cybersecurity training. We measure attitudes and security behaviors by integrating seamlessly with the relevant touchpoints in your business, including native integration with the Microsoft security stack. HRI provides organizations with comprehensive insights, predicting human risk and recommending improvement actions for enhanced security.

  • Security awareness virtual assistant, EVA

EVA, is our AI-powered Chatbot, operating within both Microsoft Teams and Slack. EVA will facilitate training reminders, requests for feedback, and will offer additional helpful resources to your users. This feature is particularly useful for organizations looking to increase employee engagement with their cybersecurity training.

  • Recommend Improvement Actions

OutThink Human Risk Intelligence takes a hands-free approach, enabling you to understand your users, identify organizational vulnerabilities, pinpoint risks, and receive suggested improvement actions to bridge gaps, reduce vulnerabilities, and enhance business resilience. With a simple push of a button, you can leverage this powerful tool to streamline the process.

Closing the Gap: Go Beyond Security Awareness

Gartner’s latest survey report reveals a significant disparity between the existence of cybersecurity awareness programs (present in over 90% of cybersecurity functions) and the concerning reality that 69% of employees admit to intentionally disregarding their enterprise’s cybersecurity guidance within the past year.

To effectively mitigate the risk of breaches and reduce the overall risk to the organization, there is an urgent need to go beyond traditional security awareness. Visualize human risk, target improvement actions and prevent data breaches like never before by understanding your people. If you believe in building sustainable security, it’s time to OutThink.

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