OutThink Launches GDPR Training Suite

OutThink Product Update

In bringing your workforce up to speed to ensure compliance with GDPR, you’ll require top quality information security and data privacy training content. The OutThink learning material is developed by industry experts working alongside education professionals, human-computer interaction specialists, psychologists, as well as behavioural change and communication experts.

The result, time after time, has been characterised by measurable behavioural change, high employee engagement rates, and a definitive improvement in our clients’ information security and data privacy posture.

As your organisation will have a number of distinct roles in relation to GDPR compliance, we’ve developed a full GDPR awareness training suite which comprises the following five modules:

(eLearning, ±5 min, high level introduction)
To instill cultural change towards data privacy, the board and executives must openly commit to promoting privacy, endorse privacy policies and champion awareness, education and training. This module helps senior leadership / management understand the impact, key changes and the opportunities GDPR brings.

(eLearning, ±15 min, general awareness)
This module provides high level GDPR awareness to bring all employees within your organisation up to the required level of personal compliance with the regulation. It covers, at a high level, the DOs and DON’Ts, personal culpability, the implications of a data breach and the business benefits of GDPR compliance.

(eLearning, ±10 min, in-depth)
For those handling personal data of customers or employees as part of their daily work (e.g. those in the HR, Marketing or Call Centre). This module offers a detailed dive into the principles of GDPR, the requirements for processing, the regulatory reporting implications of the regulation, the impact of a data breach including all potential exposures and the business benefits of GDPR compliance.

(eLearning, ±15 min, in-depth)
Aimed at training your own GDPR experts and champions, leaders within your organisation to champion the benefits of privacy and security whilst mitigating the risk of data breaches by implementing and maintaining appropriate safeguards in their respective business areas. As 100% compliance and total prevention of any data breaches is impossible this module also focuses on creating a defensible position should a data breach occur.

(eLearning, ±10 min, in-depth)
This module is aimed primarily at those who currently have a role in audit, assurance or compliance and need to understand how to assess your organisation’s GDPR readiness. Similarly, this module would prove beneficial to those with accountability for project management of the GDPR implementation process. It will position the relevant individuals to start a self-assessment exercise of their own organisation, and ultimately allow them to provide assurance to senior management and boards of directors on compliance practices within your organisation

Article 39 of the Regulation states that “training of staff involved in processing operations, and the related audits” is the task of the DPO.

To discuss this content or to engage in a way forward for your organisation, email us at hello@outthink.io.